​2019 - ...

Polish National Film School, Lodz

continue education & research Directing/Editing

2016 - 2017

Polish National Film School, Lodz

Script Writing

1998 - 2003

Polish National Film School, Lodz

Film Editing - Bachelor`s Degree

1996 - 1998

School of Design, Lodz


1995 -1996

Technical University, Lodz

Architectual Drawing


Premiere Pro,
editing and sound design (over 20 years).

After Effects,
compositing, multiple plugins.

2D graphic and design.

Unreal Engine & Unity,

Cinematics, environment and level prototyping. Independent developement

vector design.


architectual design.

3D Max,

Avid Media Composer,

and more


photo by Hawa

Marcin Nowak


Over 15 years experience as a director and freelancer for games (theWitcher, Dying Light), film, animation, theatre, VR and other audio-visual projects.
Since 2015 a lecturer at Polish National Film School in Lodz where he teaches about new ways of narration like games or interactive media.

In his work, Marcin Nowak connects classic language of film, literature, theatre with modern - games and new technologies - directing cinematics and motion capture for AAA games or as a pioneer of VR theatre.
Wide spectrum of knowledge and experience - he supervised Action Sequences and VFX for feature films, wrote adaptations or created illustrations and covers for published books.

Now conducting research on narration, interactive literature adaptations, recreation of real environments in game engines.
His independent games developement led to creation of World of Art, Jet Set Corp, World Champions: Decathlon and Stunt Coordinator. Few ongoing projects include The Trial (F.Kafka`s novel adaptation), Railway Man (Interactive Series build with UE4), Halny (Survival Experience) and few more.


Highlighted accomplishment:
- cutscene/cinematic director, script, motion capture for "the Witcher"
- lecturer and graduate of one of the best Film Schools in the World - Polish National Film School in Lodz
- member of the Polish Film Editors Association (p.s.m.) - film editors elite
- director, editor of promotional materials for "the Witcher 1 & 2" - trailers, animations, making of`s.
- design and supervision of action/visual effects sequences for feature films, commercials - "Wojna polsko-ruska", "Oblawa".
- awarded for documentary "Carry each other`s burdens" at "Man in danger" film festival in Lodz - Monumentum Iudaicum Lodzense Award.
- director, co-writer, motion capture for AAA game "Dying Light"
- wrote a script based on magazine columns and directed for theatre - "More than You can eat", Teatr Nowy, Lodz. Also as set and video designer.
- VR theatre play and adaptation of "A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians"  - pioneer VR project, research on VR narration, production and post-production.
There is much more projects in portfolio.

"Always looking for new challenges, when most says: "it`s impossible", I`ll probably find the way."




Teaching & Research


Polish National Film School in Lodz (PWSFTviT).

Lectures and workshops on new forms of narration like games, interactive film or VR. Focused on games narration and cinematics, Unreal Engine and Sequencer.


Hand drawn


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